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Here you will find information and products about Ramtha the Enlightened One, an ascended master that incarnated 35,000 years ago and is now channeled by JZ Knight. Since his first appearance in 1977, Ramtha has given teachings and seminars around the world to convey his powerful message:

“You are God, the creator of your reality.”

In this website you will find live channeled sessions by Ramtha that were later transcribed and translated into several languages for the general public. This material will help you to change your life in a dramatic way, and to understand the essence of what we really are.

Like Ramtha teaches, remember

“The power is in you.”.

I found my way to the highest peak outside of Onai. And on this mountain I climbed, it got colder and colder. And there this being, this woman called Bel Shanai, appeared and gave me the sword. And how many men could put their hands on the hilt of this sword? If I am over seven feet tall, my sword was over six feet tall. And the sword that she gave to me, she said, “Ramtha, here is the answer to your prayer. Conquer yourself.                                                                                            -RAMTHA
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