“What is then this dawning of the soul? It is as it were, the moment that the soul steps forward and imposes its will upon the human brain and the human mind of its host. It imposes a will that often means that the human being will destroy its past so that the soul can resurrect it. It is the story o the phoenix. That’s what it means. And what the soul then does maybe will do only one bright and remarkable thing. Maybe that’s all it gets to do. But when its morning comes and it is filled with radiance and light and it gets to achieve, when it does then the human being is bathed in utter peace, tranquility and peace because it has fulfilled its purpose. And there is no money, there is no woman, no man, no tribe, no culture, no religion, no God that can bring such an ecstasies as the morning of the soul brings when it conquers through the encrusted form of humanity to do the work that it was sent here to do by its God.”

– Ramtha

Disco 1

  1. Toast
  2. The importance of the soul and out journey
  3. Listening to that one small voice versus carnal disgrace
  4. The procession of re-formation and the hour of the soul
  5. The soul´s incarnations into tribal cultures and family genetics
  6. The dark night in the birthing of the soul
  7. The dawning of the soul into bliss
  8. Conformity and tribal recognition
  9. Challenges in the pursuit of the spiritual journey
  10. The re-formation of self leading to the re-formation of the human species
  11. Re-forming ancient modes of thinking
  12. The soul of the re-former
  13. Viewing life from soul level or genetic level

Disco 2

  1. Earth´s cycle and the soul´s desire
  2. Responsibility in levels of creation

Questions and Answers

  1. First time incarnations on this planet of demonstration
  2. Genetic indebtedness
  3. Dead in Christ or becoming a light in a sea of darkness Addendum (Previously unreleased teaching from 2010)
  4. The soul in relation to the glands and seals (Part 1)
  5. The soul in relation to the glands and seals (Part 2)
  6. The soul in relation to the glands and seals (Part 3)

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