Translating in Italy, 2014.

“The translation and the word. Her work is greatly appreciated in a world hungry to learn truth!”

Jaime Leal-Anaya – United States
Editor, Hun Nal Ye Publishing and JZK Publishing


Translating in Switzerland, 2014.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and a delightful, enthusiastic person to work with.”

Laura Eisen – United States
Bookstore Manager Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and Author of “Clouds for Breakfast”

Ramtha: "This is your Great Work", Spring Feast 2010. Photo Credit: Melisa Peizer.

Ramtha: “This is your Great Work”, Spring Feast 2010. Photo Credit: Melissa Peizer Copyright © JZ Knight.

“I’ve published my book in three languages, but some readers told me that the Spanish version, made by a friend, was full of mistakes. I asked Valeria Zimmermann to help me with a proofreading. She did awesome! Not only was she able to edit all the mistakes, but also to turn the text into a very dynamic and, since the beginning, absolutely clear on all of the terms of the agreement. Actually, she did more than what we agreed on: a simple proofreading became … a new translation for the same price. I really appreciated that! I am very grateful to Valeria for the great work she did on my book. Thanks to her, I can now reach millions of Spanish speaking people, being confident that my message will be exactly as I want it to be, or … maybe even better.”

Alex Acquarone – Italy
Author of: “The Garden of Infinite Possibilities”/“El Jardín de las Posibilidades Infinitas”

With Mexican colegues Liliana and/or to give them as a present, having total confidence that the translated message adheres to the original one.

Corina Boulton – Mexico
RSE student

[caption id="attachment_2072" align="alignleft" width="247"]Translating in Argentina in 2009. Translating in Argentina in 2009.

“Valeria offers the best translation service I have ever received. She has excellent communication skills, high accuracy, attention to detail with challenging requirements. Her work is spectacular!”

Paulina Amador – United States
Graphic Designer