About Bel Shanai

Valeria Zimmermann, The voice of Bel Shanai

Born in Mexico, niece of the famous actor Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island Audios, available to the public at www.belshanai.com 


1969 Valeria is born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

1984-1987 She received an English Language Degree at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

1987-1997 Moved to Monterrey, NL Mexico to start her university studies that include: Fashion design, scholarships in Law, Physiology and self-help seminars. She became a Fashion Designer for Girbaud Jeans.

1992 Nominated for “Model of the Year” nationwide.

1995 She opened her own dressmaking business andidates. She undertook several projects that included the coordination of fashion shows for malls.

1996 First Beginners Event in Yelm, WA.

1997 She aband immigrated to Yelm, WA to study under Ramtha.

1998 Started to interpret Ramtha live and to work as a translator in RSE.

2001 She became a Certified Translator and Translator assisting hundreds of Latin-American emigrants.

2002 – To present time. Extensive travels with RSE International as a Simultaneous Conference Interpreter in several countries including  Switzerland Los Angeles.

2004 – To present time. Spanish Translation Team Coordination for RSE International.

2008 Established Bel Shanai Productions LLC translating, producing and South America.