About Bel Shanai

Valeria Zimmermann, The voice of Bel Shanai

Born in Mexico, niece of the famous actor Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island) and his brother Carlos Montalban (Bananas, Woody Allen) actor and former Spanish Dubbing Director of MGM for Latin America and Spain, both deceased celebrities that left a mark in the Hispanic world. Valeria reveals her genetics in her passion for interpretation having her uncles and her parents’ legacy. At a very young age she met Ramtha and decided to immigrate to the United States to enroll in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, where she started to work as a Spanish Interpreter and Translator. Valeria has more than 20,000 hours of experience as a Simultaneous Interpreter for multiple conferences and live-streaming sessions around the world. She has interpreted in numerous live audiences for the most renowned and contemporary scientists, doctors and scholars like Miceal Ledwith, author of “The Orb Project”, Laurence Gardner, author of “Bloodline of the Holy Grail”, Dr. Joe Dispensa, author of “Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind”, neuroscientist and opiate receptor discoverer Candace Pert, Dr. Brooks Agnew, founder of Advanced Planetary Explorations, North Pole Inner Earth Expedition Project Director, theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami Ph.D., laser technology expert Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmental activist and author of  “Crimes against Nature”, Lynn McTaggart, author of “The Field”, developmental biologist Bruce Lipton, Dr. T., actress and comedian Roseanne Barr, the engineer Marshall Barnes, Jason Padget, author of “Struck by genius”, Judy A. Mikovits, coauthor of the book “Plague”, theoretical physicist Brian Greene from “The Elegant Universe”, the American politician and environmentalist author of “An Inconvenient Truth”Al Gore, Ancient Civilization Technologies researcher and lecturer Jason Martell from the Discovery Channel, television personality Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from the “Ancient Aliens” TV Show, Michael Tellinger, “Sirius” documentary creator Dr. Stephen Greer, Andromedan contactee Alex Collier, Andrew Basiago from Project Pegasus, Dr. Alexander Eben, neurosurgeon and author of “Proof of Heaven”, Dr. Rima Laibow and Major General Albert Stubblebin, authors de “Radiation in America”, STL project and physics professor Ron Mallet, Jonas Elrod from the film “Wake Up”, molecular biologist and leading researcher in telomerers Dr. Bill Andrews, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” author John Perkins,  “The Twelfth Planet” author Zecharia Sitchin, “Fire in the Sky” author Travis Walton, Pediatric Heart Surgeon Dr. Vladimir Shcherbinin, Stanton Friedman, co-author of “Science was Wrong: Startling truths about cures, theories, and inventions They declared impossible”, Michael Talbot, author of “The Holographic Universe”, Michael Cremo, author of “Forbidden Archeology”, Dean Radin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences and his studies on measurable effects of electromagnetism, Dave McDonald from MUFON, Col. Phillip J. Corso and his investigation on Reverse Engineered Alien Technology, “The Bloodline of Christ” documentary filmmakers Bruce Burgess and Roberts Howell, David Hudson, journalist Nick Pope, author of “Open Skies, Closed Minds”, Christopher Knight, author of “The Hiram Key”, Dr. Michael Salla, author of “Exopolitics” and “Insiders Reveal Secret Progam and Extraterrestial Alliances”, Ramtha and JZ Knight, and many more. She has interpreted for JZ Knight in several broadcasted live interviews in Latin America and translated numerous books, magazine features, etc., as well as Spanish subtitles for Ramtha and JZ Knights’s DVDs. Since 2008, she has been the Director and Founder of Bel Shanai Productions LLC., a company that specializes in the production, distribution and sales of Ramtha’s teachings in the Spanish language in the form of Compact Discs and On-Demand Audios, available to the public at www.belshanai.com 


1969 Valeria is born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

1984-1987 She received an English Language Degree at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

1987-1997 Moved to Monterrey, NL Mexico to start her university studies that include: Fashion design, scholarships in Law, Physiology and Contemporary Dance. She was a Professional Dancer in the “Origen” Contemporary Ballet Company. She became a Professional Model for runway shows, magazines, TV commercials (Coke) and gave numerous modeling and self-help seminars. She became a Fashion Designer for Girbaud Jeans.

1992 Nominated for “Model of the Year” nationwide.

1995 She opened her own dressmaking business and was in charge of the Coordination and Training for “Miss Nuevo Leon” Beauty Pageant, and designed the evening gowns for the candidates. She undertook several projects that included the coordination of fashion shows for malls.

1996 First Beginners Event in Yelm, WA.

1997 She abandoned her modeling career and immigrated to Yelm, WA to study under Ramtha.

1998 Started to interpret Ramtha live and to work as a translator in RSE.

2001 She became a Certified Translator and Interpreter in the State of Washington and started to work for the Health Department as a Consecutive Interpreter and Translator assisting hundreds of Latin-American emigrants.

2002 – To present time. Extensive travels with RSE International as a Simultaneous Conference Interpreter in several countries including  Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Australia, and in the US: Miami and Los Angeles.

2004 – To present time. Spanish Translation Team Coordination for RSE International.

2008 Established Bel Shanai Productions LLC translating, producing and distributing Ramtha’s Teachings in Spanish on audio CDs to the US, Mexico, Spain, and South America.