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“So what is it that you learn about the high Holyday? That the high Holyday represented in tree and wreath, represented in red ribbon and glass globes of various colors all represent that which is termed the ascension back to God. It represents Christ in Mass, meaning that Yeshua Ben Joseph as a contemporary master represented his God in mass, so he was called Christ in the human. His symbol, the cross, the resurrection on this particular season is transmuted into the tree. It is a Christ in Mass a Christmas tree. And what it represents is the tree of life. It represents that which is termed the triad. Point Zero. Here, coming down all the way its levels into that which is termed life down here. The lights represent that which is termed the quiet wisdom of former bodies. The lights of the journey that track all the way into mass. The red ribbon represents that which is termed energy, the serpent, the kundalini. The ribbon that surrounds the tree is the awakening going back. And what do we adorn Point zero with? A star and the star represents God. Now we have the wreath, and the wreath represents the eternal. The eternal says the mystic. And what is it that the mystic calls the eternal? The mystic says: “All is one.” And that the maxim of the mystic is unity and harmony. The wreath represents oneness, unity. And the maxim of unity is to say that with every thought and feeling we contemplate upon the eminence of the eternal now. We spend all of our lives arriving at the moment of which we never left. The mystic, as it were, celebrates Christmas through the circle. The westerner celebrates it through the tree. And the master celebrates it through within.”

– Ramtha

Disc 1

  1. Toast
  2. Defining the Symbols of Christmas
  3. The Nature of Spiritual Reality
  4. Experiencing the Power of Spiritual Reality
  5. Engaging the Highest and Purest Reality
  6. The Mystics and Moral Obligation
  7. Remembering the Qualities of the Season in Self
  8. Ideas on Other Levels and the Deeper Mind
  9. Mastering Limitation

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