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“Everything that you want, you may have, but the nature of frequency protects diligently its service and it does not give it just to you because you are sitting there and you think you deserve it. You will starve to death and it will not manifest the bread for you.  It obeys a superior law, and the superior law is this focus I was telling you about that is the essence, the function, of God. Now this is the habit. This knows the mandate. This says, I will give you whatever you want, but in order to get it you must roll over an experience that provides wisdom, and I will safeguard this pearl of experience so that when your life is over you may live eternally. I know that you think this is all that you would need to make you happy. It is not the truth. It is a lie. What will bring you joy is eternal life. So I am going to allow you to have this, but I want you to understand that it is not the phenomenon for the reason that you do this. And gold or dollars or rubies is a phenomenon. It is part of the phenomenon. To seek the phenomenon is to seek death, is to seek fame and glory, and idolizing and worship. To seek the truth is to have eternalized life. So the things that you want, you will get. If you say to this, “My God, give me the experience that I have never experienced that unlimits me, and as it unlimits me I am willing for the experience, for in that I know my abundance will be.” And it will be, people.”


Disc 1

1. Toast

2. Connections in Consciousness

3. Living in the Fortress of Terror

4. Understanding More About God

5. The Slow-Growth Hardwood

6. The Difference in Opinions Relating to Cash

7. Cracking the Grid to Create New Experiences

8. The Preference for Having the Experience of Money

9. The Worms of Decay Versus Analogical Mind

10. Focus: God is Alive and Well

11. Exercising the Teaching

12. The Greatest Moments to Focus

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