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“As you begin to see that, you begin to understand Jeshua Ben Joseph´s confusing message when he would talk about himself in the third person and say indeed of himself, when he failed, when he was so human that he should not get out of it, he would say, “It is the Son of Man that has done this.” Meaning it is the man who was born of his human father meaning it is a human neuronet that is flawed here. It is what has done this. And he would openly say that and openly criticize that as being weak. But when he healed the sick and did the initiation with Lazarus in the tomb and brought about wonder. When they would say, “Lo to this that you have done!” He would say, “You´re thinking it´s me this human that did it. No, you are thinking that it is the Son of man that has done this glorious thing, but rather indeed it is the Son of God that has accomplished this thing, the God within.” So he spoke of his humanity and says that when his neuronet isn´t checked that it is his reality being made on one timeline and his masterful art of God being worked on this timeline and endeavoring to bring asunder the man. He´s a very far taught being, but powerful. So the God in Jeshua is the God that is in you. And when he would say, “I am filled with the glory of my being.” That was the voice of God coming right out of the human being and it was the true lawmaker, because the Observer is not strapped with right and wrong. The Observer is not strapped with the monkey brain of a neuronet and fickle creature. That is the daughter of woman. That is the son of man. The God, when it speaks is thunder. It is law. And it´s not weak. It is absolute. So, we see that he is preparing for his greater initiation. He is going to relieve himself of the man that he wears.”

– Ramtha


  1. Toast
  2. Philosophers and Deceivers
  3. Judas
  4. The Son of Man Versus the Son of God
  5. The Labyrinth of the human Drama
  6. From Winter into Spring
  7. Cultivating Self-Discipline in Ourselves and Our Children


  1. Bipolarity and Depression
  2. Growing Up to Become an Immortal
  3. Closing

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