“DESCRIPTION “That indeed, that in eras of old, the Great Work was an alchemical process. That the alchemist was taking base metal, or poor nickel, or rattle tin, and beginning the processes of breaking it down molecularly through fire, transforming it, little by little. And if one could imagine that the basest metal, the most common, whether it is led or nickel, or tin, or copper, rare as it were. Each of those metals were the beginning of metamorphism. The caterpillar that eats all summer green leaves and grows fatter and fatter segments, that starts out wee and then grows to become a beautiful creature, but bound to the branch, to the stem, to the under leaf of its entire reality. Impurities is what defines all base metals. It’s the impurities that the mind gives up, that we have now a purer substance of metal. And so, when it cools and comes back it´s a different metal. And now the alchemist can utilize this metal or then put the fire to it again and take it to another level, and another level, and another level, and another level, until the transformation of this bit of metal moves all of the way up, all possibilities that it could dream on a molecular change, it´s brought all the way to gold. It turns green and then blood red. It´s changing, changing, the mind is changing, the heat is changing, and then to gold, and then to white, and then to midnight liquid, giving us a star that floats on the surface. A mirror of the universes”

– Ramtha


Disco 1

  1. Toast
  2. You are the Hidden Knowledge
  3. The Butterfly and the Alchemist
  4. Defining Inner Transformation
  5. Knowledge Builds the Acceptance to Change
  6. Knowledge Builds the Acceptance to Change
  7. Intentional Consciousness
  8. Becoming the Fire in Your Life
  9. Human Metamorphosis

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