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“What is clear-mindedness? Clear-mindedness is the detachment from emotional involvement in petty issues in one´s life. And when you´re that clear and you´re focused you have a direct line to this deeper mind, immediately. Because you haven´t clouded the issues with the past, with possibilities, with hurt feelings, with disappointment, victimization, whining, bawling, crying. You haven´t clouded the issue that is too hard. You know, and all of those issues act like a thunderstorm in the frontal lobe. And they´re all ringing from the neocortexes, and they´re recycled and regurgitated, thought about, talked about over and over and over and someone pushes your button, the thunderstorm starts. That is not clear-mindedness. That is personal involvement. That reinforces one´s reality, strengthens the webs in the concreteness of one´s doubts and limitations and victimizations. When the thunderstorm departs and one is clear and out of the emotional storm, one can focus on one´s card and go directly to it in the field. Miraculous. One can look upon an appendage on one´s body and see that as in the observer´s point of view, and in three powerful breaths blow it away and it´s done. Because you see, it doesn´t have to be judged. I t doesn´t have to be regurgitated in the thunderstorm. We don´t have to talk about how it got there. We don´t have to hold on to it for some memory. We don´t have to wear it as a badge. Clear-mindedness, there is no room for it to live in.”

– Ramtha

Disc 1

  1. Toast and query
  2. A progress report
  3. Unresolved energy
  4. Impeccability
  5. Clear-Mindedness and accessing the subconscious mind
  6. Neutralizing current state of consciousness
  7. Obsessions
  8. Changing outside the box
  9. Clear-Mindedness and levels of consciousness from subconscious mind
  10. Dissipating energy
  11. Achieving Clear-Mindedness
  12. Application of teaching
  13. Emulating Christ and forgiveness

Disc 2

  1. Addressing what you are afraid to change
  2. The opportunity of tonight
  3. About the American Indians Bonus teaching: Unfolding consciousness out of the body (from Advanced Evening, 19 September 1993)
  4. Greetings and toast
  5. Dreamers of prophecy: Making contact
  6. Perseverance in the test of subconscious mind
  7. Importance of going down the stairs
  8. The seeds of Assay
  9. Doubt and stimulus for change
  10. Words of caution
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