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“Dignity is when we take someone out of the sewer of your mind and we put them in a high place and that act of contrition upon your part starts to make you a mighty being, a being who has the conscience of being present. And how often have you even made love and been present to who love you? It is they you are loving rather than some phantom. How often you have no power. That is why it has escaped you. The art of being present is to put back into a place of sweet morality those entities that we are most intimate with and find that their great touch is worth being present, and looking at them and finding a renewal of interest, that the interest is not denigrating but indeed that the interest is genuine and new and found. That, we start. And we replace the women in our lives in a place of freedom. All that they do is mostly disingenuous because they are fighting to find themselves while at last serving you or your children or the neighbors or their clubs. They have to do something with their life and in the quiet frustration feeling an embargo upon self revealed. If they cannot be who they are, they do a lot of things that are destructive to their life and in the end of their life they bear the greatest burden of knowing the greatest loss and wondering why they didn’t stand up and be those unrequited dreams.”

– Ramtha

Disc 1

  1. Toast
  2. Don’t shoot the messenger
  3. All religions have suppressed women
  4. The message is: ‘God is in you’
  5. Taking back your power
  6. The greatest crime is to live for other people
  7. Why men inherently disrespect women

Disc 2

  1. How we empower our own tragedy
  2. Activating latent neuronets in the brain
  3. All illness is attitude based
  4. Fear is an actual place in the brain
  5. Training in the Great School
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