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“The greatest of things are achieved in a light heart. One should never pursue compliments by buying them, lying. One should never pursue status that is artificial, because it is a reflection on your lack. What one should do is to understand that the greatest of things are achieved in a light heart. There is no time in the present, by the way. It can’t be measured, because you are analogically the moment. In that, there is an exhilaration that comes. And in that comes glitter. There is an abundance of joy. Joy is not an emotion. It is a state of being when one is in the theatre of creating. That is called a light heart because it has no past or future. Now the power of giving flows from you.The power of courteousness, the power of helping an old person across the street or maybe a young one. The power of looking out and seeing a situation bigger than yourself and doing it not because you can say look at me, “I did this. Oh, my name is this; I did that for self glorification.” And you can take a walk out there this day and say this day is created from the greatest of things, a light heart. And no matter what you do, it will be joy in everything you do, and that beauteous character brings back to you the frequency of joy. You only get what you put out. And here comes the kingdom. So of course the greatest of things are achieved in a light heart. What, you would think they would be achieved in a heavy heart? Do you think seriousness is heavy? No, seriousness is considering all options. A light heart only considers giving, only being, only being. Then we can give because how can you deplete what is in you? Giving has no end. It just flows from one. And what is an act of kindness? An act of kindness is simply an entity being aware not for notoriety but because they have the power to change reality, and they do it.That is called awareness.”

– Ramtha

Disc 1

  1. Toast
  2. The Equality of God and Understanding Crossove
  3. Redefining the Black Hole (See Diagram #1)
  4. What Constitutes Personal Identity

Disc 2

  1. Owning the Fragments of the Mirror (See Diagram #2)
  2. The Art of Presence
  3. Sacrificing the Past For a State of Bliss (See Diagram #3)

Disc 3

  1. Loving Yourself into Self-Confidence
  2. The Art of Giving to Self
  3. The Greatest of Things Are Achieved with a Light Hear
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