Translating in Italy, 2014.

“The translation and support work with the revision of texts in English and Spanish from Valeria Zimmermann from Bel Shanai Productions has been most valuable and faithful. Her experience and accuracy in capturing the words, message, and original expression of both arcane and modern subjects, and her ability to translate them clearly for a general audience without borders, is a cherished delight to editors, readers, and live audiences who love the humanistic expression of thought through the art of language and the word. Her work is greatly appreciated in a world hungry to learn truth!”

Jaime Leal-Anaya – United States Editor, Hun Nal Ye Publishing and JZK Publishing Hun-Nal-Ye.com

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Valeria Zimmermann in both a professional and personal capacity for more than a decade. Her translation skills are excellent. She always goes beyond the basic requirements to assure communication of the highest level. Valeria has translated teachings onto CDs for purchase through our stores and the customer response is consistently and unanimously impressive. When I requested her assistance to translate my children’s book into Spanish, her creative ability enhanced the poetic nature of the text without compromising the integrity of the meaning. She is a dedicated professional and a delightful, enthusiastic person to work with.”

Laura Eisen – United States Bookstore Manager Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and Author of “Clouds for Breakfast”

Ramtha: “This is your Great Work”, Spring Feast 2010. Photo Credit: Melissa Peizer Copyright © JZ Knight.

“I’ve published my book in three languages, but some readers told me that the Spanish version, made by a friend, was full of mistakes. I asked Valeria Zimmermann to help me with a proofreading. She did awesome! Not only was she able to edit all the mistakes, but also to turn the text into a very dynamic and effective language. I’ve found her very professional, quick and, since the beginning, absolutely clear on all of the terms of the agreement. Actually, she did more than what we agreed on: a simple proofreading became … a new translation for the same price. I really appreciated that! I am very grateful to Valeria for the great work she did on my book. Thanks to her, I can now reach millions of Spanish speaking people, being confident that my message will be exactly as I want it to be, or … maybe even better.”

Alex Acquarone – Italy Author of: “The Garden of Infinite Possibilities”/“El Jardín de las Posibilidades Infinitas”

“As a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE), I have purchased many of the CD’s with his teachings, either in its traditional format – English – or those with Spanish translation. Valeria Zimmermann’s Spanish simultaneous translation in those CD’s is of excellent quality and fidelity, not only in the words themselves, but in the context in which they are spoken; in such a way that Ramtha’s message is accurately transmitted. I can tell this because I have several CD’s in both languages, either to have a major comprehension of a particular teaching and/or to give them as a present, having total confidence that the translated message adheres to the original one.”

“Valeria offers the best translation service I have ever received. She has excellent communication skills, high accuracy, attention to detail with challenging requirements. Her work is spectacular!”

Paulina Amador – United States
Graphic Designer

Translating in Argentina in 2009.

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