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“Soulmates, divine God love is when is it why indeed that this can no longer function completely without the coming together with another part, into one murmur, not separate but one. They entity, rise above whine, reason, logic, attitude, friends, relatives, -bless them- society, market places and all other things of configuration that separate. They are indivisible for they are one God. Bring them together and their light is one light, one light, and nothing separates them. They will stand regardless of all things. Their love, entity, is God for him. God gives and is for all things to be, their love is God giving back to God. It is representative of the Father in love with himself. Infatuation entity, it would make an old man have a glimpse in his eye and fire in his loins, for he would contemplate those things. And to a beauteous woman, it would make her stroke her long hair to become like silk, and lay her body and look upon her being and change what she thinks is failing in it. And to a child who has never experienced it, it brings on womanhood and manhood and the adventure into life. It is a wonderful feeling and all certainly should feel it. And the murmurs are felt with others; it should come together for the moment and not eternal entanglements, but for the moment that it is felt that it can be treasured always.”

– Ramtha

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  1. Infatuation
  2. Love, clothed as obligation
  3. In that moment, they are the right person for you
  4. Romance
  5. Contractual agreements
  6. What defines a successful marriage
  7. The price of aloneness
  8. Possession
  9. Marriage – Soul union, not a contractual one
  10. What are soulmates
  11. Love
  12. To love all people is to them as yourself

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