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“Depression, as it is called now in modern times, depressed state, seem s to be now diagnosed as a clinical disease. This affliction as it were, has affected everyone in the School and the whole world in general. Tonight I’m going to teach you about a word in your language that you use to describe that which is termed a mood and a mode in which many of you have been caught by and why you get caught by it. Now, let me preface this also by saying I did not suffer depression in my life. I brooded in my life, and there is a difference. And perhaps one of the differences is that I never saw myself ever suffering from anything. And brooding is another term for continuous state of contemplation. So, I cannot relate as it were to your modern evolution of brooding. But I most certainly understand why it is occurring and why you become trapped by it. When we try to analyze it from a point of ignorance we get caught because ignorance catches us and causes us to bring about a summation, that as you have been very well taught as you arrive to a summation, it’s that point that becomes reality in your life, doesn’t it. So now, depression has a nasty reputation and it has a neuronet but the neuronet and the reputation are spawned out of recycled ignorance. They’re all ignorance and what happens when a person swings into this state they have a neuronet on it and the neuronet is because everyone’s agreed in ignorance that this is what happens and this is what you’re suffering from.”

– Ramtha

Disco 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Brooding is a Continuous State of Contemplation
  3. Suppression versus Depression
  4. Survival is the Root of Every Attitude
  5. Habits Bring us Joy and Security
  6. Anatomy of Depression
  7. The Yellow Brain Thinks but the Mid Brain Knows

Disco 2

  1. Questions to and Answers from the Yellow Brain
  2. When we are Depressed, We are sitting in the Void
  3. Acknowledging Depression as a Spiritual Retreat can Prevent Suicidal Tendencies
  4. Set Me Free and Let Me Be

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